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Any Credit History | Quick & Easy Online Form | Fast Decision Reviews may be one of the options to consider if you are looking for a reliable solution to pay off your credit card.

It may be really difficult to manage all your debts, and lots of Americans are looking for the right solution.

Although there are plenty of offers available on the market, it is crucial to choose a reliable and legit option.

In order to find out if is a safe website and not a scam, you should keep reading this review.

Initial Information about the Service Provider is a company registered in California, US. reviews

They offer people to manage their credit debts at great conditions.

The website is simple and does not contain much information about the service.

Basically, they offer you a loan at more favorable conditions that you have to pay for using your credit card.

They claim to be a member of Fair Isaac Corporation (FDIC) and offer loans with an APR of 24.00%.

However, the real conditions will be calculated based on the situation on a particular borrower as well as state law.

The length of the approval process also depends on the individual circumstances as they may need to ask you for additional documents to be provided.

This service provider is not available for Pennsylvania residents.

Ratings and Customer Reviews

There is the BBB’s Seal on the website showing that the business has the highest “A” rating, but the link does not work.

Moreover, it is impossible to check the company’s profile on the website of the BBB because it is currently unavailable due to updates.

There is one complaint from a customer, according to which the company’s staff adviced to stop paying their credit card debts in order to be offered favorable conditions.

We also checked this website on, which gives it 90% of security rating, which is pretty high.


There is a mysterious situation around Fast Loans Funding because there are few customer reviews on them on the Internet, and the link with their “A” accreditation by BBB simply does not work.

You can find one customer review on the BB’s site blaming the company in giving fraudulent advice.

However, gives it a high rating in terms of security, so the service seems to be legit, and not scam.

The only contact option that you can use is phone number.

All in all, we cannot totally be sure that it is a safe and reliable service provider, and that is why we cannot recommend using it at the moment.

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