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Wire Bonus is an online loan matching network that helps prospective borrowers acquire payday loans from various online lenders.

Official Site:

Lately the WireBonus lending platform has endured scrutiny and is currently trending as a ‘scam’ but the fact of the matter still stands that there is little proof to these accusations.

The aim of this unbiased review is to provide REAL insight into Wire Bonus and whether this online lending network can be trusted – with this in mind we invite you to continue reading onward!

What is is not a lender but rather a loan matching network.

Operating with an undisclosed array of online lenders, Wire Bonus provides prospective borrowers with the opportunity to apply for a payday loan up to $1,000.

Loans range from $100 to $1,000.

Allegedly Wire Bonus partners with over 300 loan providers who are known to be ‘fair’ and ‘reputable’ but we are unable to confirm this statement since they fail to share insight into who their lenders are.

There is only reference to payday loans at, so we imagine that those are the only type of loans available through WireBonus.

You need to be exceptionally careful with loan matching networks that solely work with payday loan providers because the accompanied loan rates and APRs tend to be predatory compared to other personal loan providers like CashUSA.

Who is Behind Wire Bonus?

You shouldn’t be too shocked to find out that Wire Bonus does not disclose any ownership or contact information on their site.

No reference to a physical address, telephone number or an email address can be found.

This is not an uncommon characteristic in regards to loan matching networks.

How does Wire Bonus Work?

Wire Bonus loan application process is rather straightforward.

You simply fill out the fast application form featured on the homepage of

Providing your first and last name, email, telephone, zip code, selecting your loan amount requested (increases in $100 increments from $100 to $1,000), entering a promo code if you received one then clicking on “Send a Request.”

You should be made aware that the lenders working with Wire Bonus may conduct credit checks through national databases including Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

If your loan request has been approved, you’ll be re-directed to the lender that has approved you – if not you will receive an option to sign up for future loan offers from their lenders.

There is no reference to a minimum credit score requirement nor any demographic restrictions that we know of.

The only requirement that we know of would be that you have to be atleast 18 years of age apart from that Wire Bonus fails to provide insight into any prerequisites that they may possess.

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Wire Bonus Reviews

During the time of writing this review Wire Bonus failed to reflect much feedback.

The main feedback we found was in the form of a YouTube video claiming that Wire Bonus was a scam but there was no proof presented throughout the entire 49 second YouTube video.

Basically the spokesperson in the video claimed Wire Bonus to be a scam due to their loan rates and fees but no concrete evidence was provided nor was there any reference to what percentage these APRs may be.

If you have insight regarding Wire Bonus we ask that you please leave your experiences with us below!

Domain Insight

WireBonus was a privately acquired domain that was registered on December 11th, 2018 through the URL Solutions, Inc registrar.

As of July 31st, 2019, reflected a Thailand rank of 396,494 with over 35% of the sites cumulative traffic sources stemming from referral based sources.

Bad Credit Loans
WireBonus Terms & Conditions.

Is a Scam?

No, for the time being and until more consumer feedback can be found, we do NOT believe WireBonus to a be a scam but we definitely don’t think they are the best online loan matching network available.

WireBonus Review Conclusion

Wire Bonus is a loan matching network working with loan providers that specialize in offering payday loans.

As a whole we do not advise that consumers embark with payday lenders due to possessing much higher APRs and loan rates that can extend upwards to 1,300%.

When it comes to acquiring a loan online, seek more trustworthy online lenders or loan matching networks that specialize in various types of online loans.

Not sure of the type of the loans you need or where to begin?

Visit our Loan Guide underneath “Need a Loan?” above to learn more!

Verdict: Wire Bonus is NOT a Scam but does not seem the Most Trustworthy!

Top-Rated Lending Network: CashUSA

Feel free to share your insight and experiences with us below!

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