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Citizens One Personal Loans

This review is dedicated to Citizens One personal loans.

This reputable bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States.

It was founded more than 200 years ago.

The professional team of bank`s economists has developed a sophisticated system of issuing commercial and personal loans to its clients.

They can be used to cover all your urgent needs.

Personal loans

Citizen bank offers loans which can be used for various purposes.

Such a flexible credit will help you to achieve the necessary result quickly.

You can use a bank for:

  • Cover bad credit;
  • Purchase a new apartment;
  • Repair your house;
  • Arrange w wedding;
  • Take a vacation of your dream;
  • Educate your children;
  • Have an urgent medical treatment, etc.

Amount of personal loan

Presently, Citizen bank provides its clients with loans from $5,000 to $50,000.

citizens one personal loans

How can you get?

To get a personal loan from Citizen bank, you need to spend two minutes to call to a lending specialist who will review your documents.

Your credit score does not matter.

All documents you need to submit can be electronically signed and uploaded for quick and efficient closing.

You need not visit a bank`s office.

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Everything is conducted online.

Please note that the minimum income needed for a personal loan at this bank is $24,000. You also need a valid US bank account on which Citizen bank will transfer your credit.

All loans are issued to US citizens who have already reached the age of majority in their state of residence.

All additional questions concerning getting a loan from Citizen bank should be asked to a support representative over the telephone (1-888-333-0246).

The service operates 24/7/365.

Payment forms

The bank offers the following types to pay off a personal loan.

You can use any of them:

  • KwikPay automated payment;
  • When calling customer support, select “Make a Payment” option. It is available for verified accounts only;
  • Web payment through Firstmark Services;
  • By mail.

Advantages of Citizen bank personal credit:

  • Fast and easy;
  • No credit score is required;
  • Simplified monthly payments;
  • Quick credit approval;
  • No upfront fees;
  • Convenient payment forms.


There is a special section on the bank`s official website.

It is called “Rates & repayments examples.”

It allows every potential client calculating his/her rate and how much to pay off according to the amount of issued personal loan.

To use the calculator, select the sum to borrow, type of interest rate, and term.

As a result, you will see how much to pay off for a projected loan.

To sum up

Numerous financial reviews keep on informing us about various types of banking loans.

Citizen bank in its turn offers only verified loans with low-interest rates.

If you urgently need a definite sum of money up to $50,000, you can always borrow it at Citizen bank.

Don't waste your time. Get a loan online.

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  1. Gwen D.

    This was super helpful. I have been in between a few different bank loan options and I really didn’t want to bite the bullet without seeing what else was out there. For someone like me, having a low interest rate is ideal as my husband and I recently purchased our first home. Thanks for the information!


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