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Uncle Warbucks

Uncle Warbucks is one of the companies offering to sort out your temporary financial difficulties by giving you a loan.

You may want to consider this option if you need to get some money, but before you apply with them, you should read our review because this is how you can find out if this company is legit.


It is a service provider, allowing people to apply for a loan when they need some help.

Everything is made automatically by filling out an online contact form.


On the website, you will find the FAQ section, which you can go through in order to find some important information.

Uncle Warbucks

There are several contact options available, including email and phone number.

They claim to keep the approval process virtually instant.

This company does not conduct any credit check, but they will verify your application information via national databases.

Their services are not provided in every state, but they do not give more details on that explaining it by changing operation locations from time to time.

You cannot apply for a payday loan because they specialize only on installment loans.

Also, you can apply for the money with them only for the short period of time.


The APR applied to your loan may range from 550% to 780%, which mainly depend on how long you want to get your loan.

Newcomers can apply for a loan in the amount of up to $700, but if you have been their customer, you can opt for a loan of up to $1,000.

There may be late fees, but you will find it out only from the loan agreement.

The service provider claims not to have any hidden fees.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Currently, the company has the “F” rating by the BBB, which is low.

Also, on the official website of the organization, you can find the warning.

The thing is the BBB started an investigation because of a range of complaints appeared in 2018.

As a result, the organization found out that several websites, including Uncle Warbucks, were very similar in terms of products, graphics, and text.

Moreover, all of them had the same PO BOX address in Quebec.

After contacting the companies for clarification, no response was received.

There are not many customer reviews that you can find on the Internet about the service provider, so it is difficult to make a conclusion.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that Uncle Warbucks is legit because of the information we found on the BBB’s official website and the absence of many customer reviews.

Even if all other aspects regarding the company were perfect, the situation with the BBB would still cause lots of questions and doubts.

That is why if you are looking for a payday loan or installment loans, you should find another service provider.

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