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In case you are short of money or face unexpected expenses, a good way to avoid borrowing money from friends and relatives is to apply for a loan on a lending platform on the Internet, for example, VivaLoan which is a well-established loan provider in the USA.

It is getting popular not to get involved into bank loans, especially if you need to borrow for a short term and the sum you demand is not huge, but to use the services of such online lenders is much more convenient and faster.

The Process of Borrowing and Its Safety

The site is certified with OLA compliance which means it is secure in terms of data protection and will help to avoid fraud.

Not only is VivaLoan legit, but also it is highly convenient for users.

The application process takes several minutes and the process of approval is also rather fast, and it is usually possible to get the money in one day.

vivaloan reviews

The information required is the same as you need to provide in banks because it is anyway necessary to the credit history as the platform provides real loans for a reasonable interest rate.

As soon as you get an offer, it is necessary to sign the electronic agreement which will prove the fact you accept the conditions provided.

Afterwards, you will get the loan to your bank account.

The money is taken from your account in installments to pay the credit depending on the frequency and the date of your pay out.

There are several reasons to take a loan from the supplier, including:

  • Baby adoption;
  • Auto purchase;
  • Vacation;
  • Wedding party;
  • Debt consolidation;
  • Redecoration or moving;
  • Major purchases;
  • Small business.

The list is not full and in fact may include any other situations which might cause the necessity to get a personal loan.

However, loans are not available in some areas, including New York, West Virginia and District of Columbia, which is connected with the peculiarities of federal laws present on their territory.


While it is convenient to use the service and the site looks rather reliable, some reviews show that in fact the applications are not always approved, especially if they feature a really bad credit history, which might lower the chance of getting a loan from another supplier.

Also, their customer service is not so helpful, and the main communication is held online.

Another problem is spam in your mailbox, but it is not so serious if compared with scamming which is quite possible in this sphere.


Thus, if you suppose that your credit story is not ideal but still leaves a chance to get some loan, or if you lack time to go through all the procedures in a bank, it is definitely worth trying to apply for VivaLoan.

Is VivaLoan safe for users? Yes, they do their best to protect data and provide honest agreements. So, why not?

Don't waste your time. Get a loan online.

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